Level 24 Single

Solo Package

Unleash your strength and endurance at Level 24 Fitness! Our individual and solo classes are designed to energize and empower you. With expert trainers guiding you, you can sculpt your body and boost your fitness in exciting sessions like Ladies Powerlift, Power Lift, Metcon, Pure Shred, Bums and Tums, Core Strength, and Body Scalp.

Ignite your passion, push your limits, and experience the exhilaration of reaching new heights of strength and endurance at Level 24 Fitness! Join us and become the strongest version of yourself, ready to conquer the world!

Packages Include;

Solo Ranger

Ksh : 3,000

1 Day Pass

Jump Start

Ksh : 7,500

1 Week


Ksh : 13,500

1 Month


Ksh : 38,000

3 Months

Take Off

Ksh : 69,000

6 Months

Kids Annual

Ksh : 75,000

12 Months


Ksh : 105,000

12 Months


Ksh : 92,500

12 Months (Renewal Only)


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